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2020-12-20 12:36 am
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Friends Only, biotches.


shut happens

I am... )

Friends Only.


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2007-12-07 12:42 am

Gavin is here!

pictures! )

I am still drugged at the moment. Toradol and the fentanyl epidural. I feel good. And hot.

Nursing has not happened yet. He ended up having to go to the nursery straight from the OR because his respirations were way too high and his sugar was way too low. I didn't see him from when he was born until 630pm. After that, he wasn't interested. I tried pumping, but got nothing so far. It's frustrating.

I'm going to attempt to sleep again. I'm so tired.
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2007-11-03 05:08 pm

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My diaper bag. I'm in lurve. )

And because a bunch of people have asked, finally, a belly pic. Please ignore how shitty I look, I told you I feel like crap today.

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2007-05-27 01:17 pm
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911 and cell phones


"The movies have lied to you. :O

Please, please, please, for the love of god, don't call 911 from a cell phone and drop it and think that we'll automatically respond.

Here is the 911 system's cell-phone policies, and agreements with cell phone companies. )
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2007-04-13 10:14 am
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It's been that long already?

Today marks five years that me and Andrew have been together. Five years. That's really hard to believe. In two days, we'll be married a year and a half. He's asleep right now - he worked last night and has to go to Mayport tonight to play Navy this weekend.
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2007-02-22 09:05 pm
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Car wash for Baby Ali!

Remember Baby Ali?

2.24.07 UCF Radisson Hotel Charity Car Wash
Help O-ROCK 105.9 and the UCF Radisson Hotel Raise Money For A good cause! SATURDAY FEBRUARY 24TH the UCF Radisson Hotel on the corner of ALAFAYA TRAIL and 50 will be hosting a car wash from 11am to 3pm to raise money for a 16 month old girl in dire need of a heart transplant. She is the daughter of a long time employee of the hotel and her medical bills are mounting rapidly. Any donations to help baby Alyssa's family are greatly appreciated. That's this SATURDAY in the UCF Radisson parking lot 1724 ALAFAYA TRAIL. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL JESSY AT 407-992-3411.

You know your car could use it, so everyone around here should come out on Saturday and get your car washed, and help out a good cause.
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2007-01-07 03:35 am
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I'm a ChaCha Guide

ChaCha Search Search
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2006-09-27 08:55 pm
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New Screennames

New screennames - AOL and yahoo, both have email as well.


I amuse myself.

Now talk to me! :o)
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2006-09-27 10:25 am
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Heather found this on wikipedia...

Bremerlos: Large civilian women who prey on the sexual needs of unwary junior enlisted personnel. Resembling Buffalo, their original range was Bremerton, WA, but due to successful breeding with said junior enlisted personnel, have increased their range to all U.S. naval facilities.

read the rest here:

Bremerlos are also known as: Bremahoes and some choice people that we know, names withheld to protect the guilty/idiotic/slutty.
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2006-08-18 10:24 pm
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(no subject)

Guess who just got this?

Sexay.. )

Yes, that exact one is mine. In my driveway. Now. :o)

Ooh, sexy, no?
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2006-07-15 11:47 pm
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2006-06-19 11:38 am
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